I’m looking for information on the “conjoined” Asian boys who traveled with the Barnum and Bailey Circus after 1900 under the name the “Korean Twins.” I have a cabinet photograph of the twins taken by Ridenour in Philadelphia in 1903. I also have a larger photograph, by Glasier and also dated 1903, showing the entrance to the Barnum and Bailey “Double Supplemental Exhibition.” A large banner in the background reads “The Korean Twins, Greatest Living Curiosity on Earth” and includes vignettes of their “abduction,” “at play,” sitting behind a table, and riding in an automobile. Does anyone know if the “Korean Twins” were really conjoined, or just emulating the famous Chang and Eng? Also if they were really Korean, as their clothing suggests a Chinese, rather than Korean, origin? I’m also interested in any facts of their lives that might be known.

Many thanks. Robert H. Sayers

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