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Two Statue Tableau


Two Statue Tableau It is believed to have originated on the John H. Sparks Shows about the same time as did the other tab and Sullivan & Eagle could have been the builder but here again the exact date it was built and the builder’s name are not known. This [...]

Center Statue Tableau


Center Statue Tableau (1915 – Joseph Bradbury Album # 38 – photo # 68A – Center Statue Tab – Marian W. Organ photo) (1) The tableau wagon shown in these photos has been commonly called, by wagon historians for identification purposes, the Sparks Center Statue Tableau. It is believed to have [...]

South America Tableau


South America Tableau The South America Tableau was one of many box type bodies that were ordered by Frank Spellman in 1917 from the Bode Wagon Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio for his newly formed U.S. Motorized Circus. In the December 12, 1942 issue of Billboard as found on page 45, George Bellis [...]

Sea Shell Tableau


Sea Shell Tableau This Tableau was originally built by the Beggs Wagon Company of Kansas City for the J.H. Eschman Circus in 1915. The wagon was used on the Eschman show from 1915 to 1917. When the show folded, it was acquired with more show equipment by Horne’s Zoological Gardens [...]

Russia Tableau


Russia Tableau (This wagon is being distinguished here as the Ringling Bros. Russia Tableau as another Russia Tableau was built for the US Motorized Circus in 1917 . ) (1) During the years as a wagon show and after the show went on rails in 1890, Ringling Bros. World’s Greatest [...]