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India Bandwagon


India Bandwagon (1) Bill Woodcock forwarded to me for my perusal a copy of a letter dated Dec. 19, 1905 from C. Lee Williams to Frank R. Tate, both being part owners of the Carl Hagenbeck along with John H. Havlin and Lorenz Hagenbeck, in which both the Elephant Tableau [...]

Sparks Clown Bandwagon


Lion and Mirror Bandwagon The wagon with carvings featuring a horse’s head and jockey was built by Moeller Brothers in Baraboo about the same time as was the air calliope. My records list 1922 as the first year for the wagon on the Sparks show. (1921 – Joseph Bradbury [...]

Schlitz Bandwagon


Schlitz Bandwagon The Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company under the direction of their President, Robert Uihlein, had been huge supporters of the Old Milwaukee Days Circus parade in Milwaukee in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The bought the train cars that were used as well as many of the wagons [...]

Lion and Mirror Bandwagon


Lion and Mirror Bandwagon (Richard Conover collection) Unlike the Five Graces, no controversy has arisen over the suitability of the names that have been associated with this wagon. In its original configuration the top-mounted figure of St. George in the act of slaying the fabled dragon well described its [...]

Columbia Bandwagon


Columbia Bandwagon While the Ringling Bros. ordered five new wagons for their show from the Bode Wagon Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio to compete with the return of the Barnum & Bailey Circus from its five year tour of Europe, they also had the Columbia Bandwagon built by Bode for their second unit they [...]