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Sig Sautelle Band Chariot

This famous Band Chariot was built in 1887 by the Sullivan and Eagle Wagon Co. of Peru, Indiana for veteran showman, Sig Sautelle. Sautelle had a dog and pony show for years and this small wagon was easily pulled by one team of horses or a few ponies. This wagon was used and owned by Sig Sautelle until circa 1915, when he sold it to Harold Curtis. Mr. Curtis used it on his own show, Curtis Bros. Circus and maintained possession of it up to 1959.He became acquainted  with Fred Pfening Jr. of Columbus, Ohio over the years. This wagon ended up in the Pfening business shop where it was maintained and repainted.

 (1958 – in Columbus, Ohio – Pfening Archives)

He donated it to the newly formed Circus Hall of Fame in Sarasota, FL in 1959. This wagon remained in Sarasota until the Circus Hall of Fame closed in 1980. John Zweifel bought the entire Circus Hall of Fame collection. This wagon went to his warehouse in Orlando where it remained until 1986 when a deal was reached for the sale of the Circus Hall of Fame properties to a new group located in Peru, Indiana. It has been a part of the International Circus Hall of Fame, ever since then.

(2013 – Bob Cline)

(2016 – The original manufacturer’s plate is still on the front of the wagon – Regine Brindle photo)

The wagon can be seen in person at the International Circus Hall of Fame in Peru, Indiana