Escondido — As millions of Americans retreat into seclusion under the COVID-19 closures, aerial artists Jeremy and Harmony Chute are sequestered in their own private circus. Each day, their backyard becomes an impromptu aerial act, with circus performers from around the country.
The couple lead a flying trapeze troupe for a Japanese circus, and run a school, Trapeze High, from their Escondido property. It’s a unique life under normal circumstances, but amid the current crisis, it has become even more extraordinary. The school and circus have been closed since authorities issued stay-at-home orders to prevent transmission of COVID-19. But the family has opened their North County home to circus friends who have lost work during the recent closures, welcoming guests who bring their RVs, pets and dazzling aerial abilities.

“I really enjoy trapeze in general,” said Jeremy, 41. “We couldn’t be more fortunate to have the high level caliber of talent we have on the property now. So it’s like our own little flying trapeze show every day.”