Dear All,
Unprecedented situation requires unprecedented actions. COVID-19 has shaken the World and our life suddenly has changed from one week to another. Due to the pandemic all cultural events are cancelled; circuses had to close or postpone the opening of their season. Schools, universities, museums and public places are shut down too until further notice. Life is on a standstill for an uncertain time.
The Federation is very concerned about the wellbeing of the people of the circus, the artists, and the animals and about the future of the community. Circuses, artists and collaborators do face very difficult days as their livelihood and future are under attack. This happen to all who are engaged in performing arts. Culture is a promoter of the society and we have to safeguard it in the toughest times too.
FMC in collaboration with its members urges politicians, national governments to ease the losses our industry faces. Solidarity and coordinated actions are more important than ever among the stakeholders to raise attention and urge the governments to provide temporally financial support to the cultural sector, circuses included.
Under such circumstances the FÉDÉRATION MONDIALE DU CIRQUE feels responsible and obliged to CANCEL for the 18 April the WORLD CIRCUS DAY 2020 celebrations. Thanks for the registrations already done on FMC’s website before the outbreak of the epidemics. We hope and wish that the pandemic finishes the soonest possible, and soon after normal activities could be recovered.
The Federation leaves open the possibility to find an appropriate date in the autumn to held WCD 2020 when we could demonstrate the unity of the circus community after the disastrous days celebrating together by paying tribute in a festive manner to our art-form.
Circus faced huge troubles many times in the 250 years of its modern history. But the circus people’s endurance, devotion and capability always had been the token to overcome the problems.
Take care and stay safe!
Urs Pilz
Zsuzsanna Mata
Executive Director