Milner Library at Illinois State University is accepting applications for its inaugural Circus & Allied Arts Collection Fellowship. This $1,500 award is available to scholars external to Illinois State University who are interested in researching any topic that requires the onsite use of the Circus & Allied Arts Collection housed in Milner Library’s Special Collections.

The $1,500 Circus & Allied Arts Collection Fellowship is intended to support costs associated with the selected scholars’ proposed research project including, but not limited to, costs of travel, room and board, digital scans, and other expenses related to utilizing the Circus & Allied Arts Collection for research purposes.

“This is an exciting award because it will allow more researchers to be able to physically access and learn from the unique and significant materials we have under our care in the Circus & Allied Arts Collection,” explained Maureen Brunsdale, head of Special Collections at Milner Library. “We look forward to welcoming those who want to learn more about this amazing amusement dedicated to ‘children of all ages.’”