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Star People, Staff, performers, and Slout's Olympians of the Sawdust Circle, all online.

Star Circuses, Sturtevant's List, 1724-1952; Circuses, 1836-1990s (brief information); Official route books; Couriers. All online.

Star Routes, Day-by-day routes for a number of circuses, cities visited.

Star Circus Wagons, Photos and information on the many magnificent circus wagons of the past,
      a project created for CHS by CHS member Bob Cline.

Star Books, Online books, read books covering circus history, 1700s to early 1900s.

Star Articles, Online articles, read articles covering circus history, 1800s to 1900s.

Star Circus logos, Logos from the 20th century, illustrated.

Star Circus titles, ads, those magnificent circus advertisements and unusual circus titles!

Star "Insider" circus humor, for the enjoyment of circus historians.

Star Newspaper excerpts 1840s-1870s

Star Excerpts from the New York Clipper 1850s - 1918

Star Sporting and Theatrical Journal, circus news, 1880s (pdf files)

Star Billboard, 1894 to 1922 (excerpts) and some complete issues - early 1900s (pdf files). Circuses, theatrical/variety, fairs, billposters news. Note: Google "Books" has issues online from 1942 on.

Star Variety, circus news 1906 to 1911 (excerpts)

Star Circus Scrap Book, Index and online articles from this serial publication 1929-32. Original articles, reprints from newspapers and magazines.

Star Excerpts from Show World, circus and show news, 1907, 1910(partial).

Star Greater Show World, 1930, 1931, 1936, 1950, 1951. Circus and show news.

Star Hobby Bandwagon 1947 & Jan 1948 (previously Hobby Swapper, pdf files)

Star Circus Report, Index to articles 1972-1990 (some complete issues online). In the 1970s to 1980s, Circus Report, American's Favorite Circus Weekly, carried current news/information and circus history. Especially useful for finding circuses, people, staff, performers, acts, animals, etc. It also carried some variety & magic shows and carnival news, as well as some international circus news.

Star Back Yard, Circus news - issues of this publication for 1998-2000 are online (Pdf files).

Star Bandwagon Many early Bandwagon circus history articles are online! Check the Bandwagon indexes 1940 to 1965, as well as a number of articles 1966-1974+.

Star White Tops, official magazine of the Circus Fans Association, partial index 1927-1997

Star Circus Fanfare, publication of Windjammers Unlimited, index 1971-2006. Windjammers is a historical music society dedicated to the preservation of traditional music of the circus

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The Circus Historical Society does not guarantee the accuracy of information contained in the information in these online articles, books, etc. Information should always be checked with additional sources.

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